Laser and strobes, pulsating analog synths, transcendental beats and melodies: that defines badfocus’ show where you’re invited for a meditation and rave at the same time. Through a unique combination of electronica and the organic sound of piano, he creates a completely unique sonic world, freed from genre conventions.

Despite his young age, badfocus has started his career very promisingly as he keeps on composing new music with a relentless dedication and effort. Since the beginning of this project in 2020, he managed to release his debut album wallflower, two ambient EPs emerged vol. I and II., an original motion picture soundtrack new normal for the debut dance film of the Czech National Theatre, several remixes for other artists and the latest album meditating while raving which was released on the biggest Czech independent label Supraphon. He also played numerous shows including Czech independent festivals, moreover Electronica: Vision of Sound III event in London, and international showcases such as Tallinn Music Week, M for Montreal, BUSH in Budapest or Athens Music Week.

In addition to all the releases, badfocus introduced his own interactive AR merchandise as part of the latest record meditating while raving, in cooperation with the immersive and digital studio MOYA. He is also among the finalists of the 2023 HEMI Music Awards, a talent programme for artists who want to develop an international career.

badfocus is an emerging project of a Prague-based producer, composer and multi-instrumentalist Prokop Korb. His young age, determination, unconventionality and multi-genre approach undoubtedly foreshadow a career which will be exciting to follow. So, buckle up and get ready for a ride to atmospheric, ambient, yet catchy and unforgettable soundscapes.



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