The second edition of ReConnect showcase & conference that will take place in Brno on 29th of September 2022.


19:00 – Official HEMI reception (invitations only)

Powered by HEMI


20:00 – Showcase shows

(also for public with a ticket from BATCH)

WCKD Nation (SLO)

The Atavists (CZ)







09:30 – MMF Czech Republic meeting 

For MMF CR members only


11:00 – Keynote panel: Status of Artist (Czech language)

Discussion about Status of Artist with following guests.

Jakub Nový – SAI

Petr Blažek – MMF CR

Jiří Pilip – The Ministry of Culture

Rudolf Leška 

Moderator: Monika Klementova (SoundCzech)


12:30 – All about passion (English language)

Keynote interview with Juraj Cocher (Gentle Groove management)

First time that we could persuade Juraj, one of Slovakia’s steadiest music allrounder,  to speak about his twenty odd years music career, and how his passion got redirected to other fields as well.

Interviewed by Márton Náray (SoundCzech)


13:30 – 14:30 – Lunch break


14:30  – Clubs on the verge (English language)

Panel discussion about the hopeful and much needed survival of small club scene, from the grassroots venue, city music concept consultants, and from the club association point of views. 

Eszter Décsy – Now Music and Books, coordinator of Enlarge Europe Network (HU)

Lena Ingwersen – coordinator of Music Cities Network - Hamburg (D)

Laura Ferrerro – Kvaka 22 Belgrade (RS)

Radek Motlik – Cafe V Lese (CZ)

Vedran Meniga – Pozitivan Ritam (CR)

Moderator: Dijana Lakuš


15:45 – Best practices of bands  (Czech language)

Petr Blažek

Hanka Podhorská

Tomáš Paleta 

Vojta Kalina

Lucie Netušilová Karafiátová


17:00 – Conference curfew




11:00 – Our Future Market (English language)

An introduction of the HEMI countries in numbers and facts, to discover the region and help you access entry points to new markets. Music Industry and beyond (Coordinated by Zsolt Jeges - Hungarian Independent Labels Association)


12:15 – TikTok workshop (Czech language)

Miloš Blaháček – Digiton Agency


13:00 – 13:30 – SoundCzech calls (Czech language)

Actions and plans for the next year


14:30 – Speedmeetings (meet the HEMI, and ReConnect partners)

Mirko Burazer – We Move Music Croatia (CR)

Juraj Cocher – Gentle Groove Production (SK)

Steven Farris – Farris Music Consulting (UK)

Laura Ferrero – Kvaka 22 club (RS)

Dijana Lakuš – Music strategist (CR)

Dániel Minorics – Bokor Szabadkikötő (HU)

Georges Perot – Athens Music Week, HEMI (GR)

Daniel Somló – Budapest Showcase Hub (HU)

Greg Stabeusz – Private Town Management (PL)

András Süli – Campus Festival (HU)

Tamás Szép – Nappali club (HU)


15:45 – HEMI Incubator sessions (English)

Inventions in music, which 15 minutes presentations on each exciting projects.


1000Cams – 

Trick the ear –

Futurobi –




11:00 – Grants and support opportunities for musicians and cultural events organizers (Czech language)

12:00 – TIC BRNO – How you can use it at work (Czech language)

12:30 – The uncertain future of the artistic and creative community in the former military complex at Kraví hora. Introduction and discussion (Czech language)

13:45 – Speedmeeting with representatives of Brno music clubs (English language)

14:45 – Club associations in the Czech Republic and abroad and their benefits (English Language)

15:45 – Cultural policy strategy for the national and regional music scene (Czech language)