Everything you wanted to know about SoundCzech...

1. What is SC and what artists does it support?

SoundCzech is a music export agency that supports Czech performers and music professionals regardless of genre.

The activities of the organization are not focused on financial gain. The association exclusively pursues non-profit purposes, namely the promotion of music culture, information on contemporary Czech music of all genres and raising the level of awareness and visibility of living Czech artists of all genres abroad. It also educates, provides financial support, provides networking possibilities and much more.


2. What is an export office?

An export office is an organization (usually established by the state) that supports and promotes the activities of the national music scene abroad in many different ways and helps to professionalize it. There are currently 28 offices in Europe, which are associated under the European Music Exporters Exchange.


3. How can SoundCzech help you if you are not Czech?

SoundCzech can provide you with a wide range of information about Czech music scene. If you are looking for a collaboration, we can easily connect you with Czech bands and professionals or advise who to contact. You can also check-out our list of useful contacts and brochures about genre scenes.

If you are an artist, you can get financial support in program Connect. The program is designed to support two exchange concerts - one in your home country and one in Czech Republic, both together with Czech artist.


4. Which events is SoundCzech present at?

We are present at most European conferences and showcases. In 2019, we represented Czech music scene with professionals and bands at ESNS, MENT, Jazzahead!, Classical Next, Spring Break, Sharpe, c/o pop, Reeperbahn, Waves Vienna, MaMA Paris, Nouvelle Prague,  WOMEX, BuSH and PIN Conference. And we are personally present at many more.


5. In what specific ways does the SC support the Czech scene?

SoundCzech does:

  • provide financial support (foreign concerts and tours, educational courses, conferences, etc.)

  • organize educational lectures and workshops, share know-how and contacts

  • actively participate in music conferences and showcases

  • sponsor and support the participation of Czech artists and other music professionals in foreign events

  • cooperate with foreign PR agencies, through which we promote the Czech scene

Our goal is:

  • to support and promote Czech performers abroad

  • to professionalize the scene through workshops and mentoring under the guidance of experienced professionals

  • to strengthen the cooperation between representatives of the Czech music industry, to initiate the establishment of associations

  • to connect Czech (not only) professionals with the international music scene (in the form of networking events, exchange projects, personal recommendations)

  • to provide an information platform for the Czech music sphere (database of contacts, overview of grant possibilities, etc.)


6. How many artists SC support?

Since its beginning at the end of 2017, SoundCzech has supported over 150 artists. You can find specific statistics in the annual reports and the results of the calls.