The BOO group was founded in 1998 by guitarist Josef Ostřanský, one of the legendary personalities of the Brno alternative scene, known especially from the Danube and E groups. Konstankiewicz, who only a year later formed the phenomenal duo Tara Fuki with Dorota Barová, called in Austria a multi-instrumentalist, singer and arduous frontman Christoph Pajer. BOO has released two albums so far: BOO (1999) and Listen (2002). In their repertoire, they not only managed to continue the tradition of the best of the Brno alternative, but also significantly modernize the music, make it original, thanks to the original composition (Andreino cello and Christoph's violin, both used in a rock context) also often very unusual. The quartet has toured and performed in the Czech Republic and abroad (Germany, Austria, France, Australia, Russia, Poland, Tasmania). The release of the third album is planned for the autumn of 2021.


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