Lambda is a four piece instrumental post/stoner band from Český Krumlov (CZ). which during 6 years released Live session (2014), EP Space Express (2015), Live in Split (2017) and first full LP Heliopolis (2019) recorded in Polish studio Monochrom.

Slow-evolving songs combine delay post rock soundscapes with heavy riffs. All is combined with melodies which will take you on a sonic journey through time and space. Even though you won't hear a single word or vocal line while listening, Lambda tells the story in understandable and unusual language for many listeners around the world.

Within several abroad tours the band played in 14 countries around Europe along names such as All Them Witches, Belzebong, Stoned Jesus, 1000mods, Tuber, Naxatras. Physical media and merchandise sold and shipped around the whole globe with distribution through shops and labels in England, US and Australia/New Zealand. 

Currently performing live set of the whole Heliopolis conceptual album accompanied by visual screening and comic book made by Vencoj graphics.


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