Showcase – featuring musicians up to the age of 26 – solo instrumentalists and singers, ensembles and vocal groups who will present their art and projects through a recording of up to fifteen minutes.

Repertoire – there is no specified compulsory composition, it does not refer to only one instrument or singing. It is recommended to present two contrasting compositions, one of which, or one movement, is by a Czech composer of all periods. Soloists and ensembles are invited to present a project or piece that deviates from the regular repertoire. Premiere compositions, original arrangements, non-traditional ensembles, and distinctive performances are encouraged.

Composers – premiere performance of a piece or part of a piece, or a version created after 2000.

Meetings with experts, mentors, and expert lectures for participants are a key part of the Showcase. The educational programme on 18 October 2024 at HAMU will focus especially on the necessary self-presentation, but also on the copyright and publishing market or the requirements of representing agencies. Participants will get feedback on the submitted documents, speedating and networking will take place.

The five finalists will perform at a gala concert with PKS on October 19, 2024 under the direction of Radek Baborák at the Church of Saints Simon and Jude. Finalists will receive professional video footage of this concert for their next presentation.

The results of the Showcase will be further promoted on the SoundCzech website, in the international expert network and at trade fairs.


Conditions for inclusion of artists in the Showcase

Age: instrumentalists and singers up to 26 years old, composers without age limit, participant is a citizen of the Czech Republic

Deadline for applications: 30 April 2024

Announcement of finalists: 3 June 2024