Traditional meeting point in digital version. CEEntral Party Digital will be about panels, workshop, networking and one special showcase stream from London. CEEntral Party. Online. For free for everyone!



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(All panels and workshops will be held in English. Time schedule set in CET.)




Bandcamp inside out

Meet Bandcamp: everything you wanted to know about one of the world's leading direct to fan platforms. How to use Bandcamp, how to build a fan base on it and get the best income for your music project. The workshop is led by Aly, head of Bandcamp for Europe.

Lector: Aly Giliani (Bandcamp)



Brexit and its effects on the music industry and touring

It’s still possible (and not so hard) to tour in the UK after Brexit (and into the EU for UK creatives). A prime for all musicians and creative professionals / technicians and promoters! Since the UK / EU transition period ends on the 31st December 2020, musicians and other creative professionals will have to deal with more “red tape”. This webinar will cover the new requirements as we know them at this time, which will include work permits / visas / Carnets / Payments and Tax. 
Ian’s background is being owner of two agencies for 20 years, working with musicians of all genres and managers from around the world, currently with over 300 artists from Grammy winners to breaking new talent . Dual based in the UK and Austria for the last 12 years and now with a permanent base in Austria. He has also been for many years an official UK work sponsor via UK Borders agency and spent 8 years as national chair of one of the UK Musicians Union section working across all sectors of the music industry. 

Lector: Ian Smith (Frusion agency)



Be social cleverly

The social networks specialist Zsuzsi Berta of the famous Budapest club A38 will talk about how to use social platforms effectively. How to make the most of your creativity and build communities? What are the messages to rather avoid? Find out during the workshop!

Lector: Zsuzsi Berta (specialista na sociální sítě v A38)



Effective use of Music tech and a short overview on the music Value Chain

Value Gap? Blockchain? Back to basics, let’s talk about Value Chain. In this workshop we will adopt a critical approach of the current challenges and main opportunities brought by the digital transformation of the Music Industry. We will explore the moving pieces of the Music Value Chain from complementary perspectives: Artist, Industry, User. We will also discuss the role of the various stakeholders and so called "middle-men" involved in the complex life cycle of a Music project, as well as the new breed of Artist Services tools developed by innovative Startups.

Lector: Yvan Boudillet (TheLynk)



Sane-tizer – staying sane in time of crisis

The mental health of people working in the music industry has always been a topic, but this year it is more than ever. How to survive the pandemic in good health, what to do without live music and how to stay active? These topics will be discussed during this workshop session with Zoltan, a musician and psychologist in one person.

Lector: Zoltan Kővary (psychologist and musician)



CsEE Music Market introduction

In this panel set up, the music sector of CsEE countries will be introduced by local professionals. Take your notes on demographies, popular music genres, live and recording sector and music services. Know the best access points to start your activities at the following markets!

14:00 – Hungary, Slovenia, Poland, Croatia, Estonia
15:00 – Greece, Romania, Czech Republic, Macedonia

Dijana Lakus, Michal Wojcik, Martiina Putnik, Zsolt Jeges, Andraž Kajzer

Natalie Tsirigoti, Anca Lupes, Petr Blažek, Angela Kungulovska




David and Goliath

Once we overcome the pandemic, how will the balance of power in the music world change? Will the big players take over the smaller ones to be even bigger themselves? What to expect in the future and are we at a base point for something new to be built?

Speakers: Didier Gosset (IMPALA), Jacob Bilabel, Ivan Milivojev (AAA Production, YOUROPE), Tomáš Kelar (Pop Messe, Midi Lidi) 



HEMI presents

What is the HEMI project, how can it help musicians in developing their careers and what programs does it offer? Introduction of the new music boost program that bridges 10 partners from Estonia to Greece. 

Speakers: Georges Perot



Electronica: Vision of Sound II

Audio-visual shows streamed from Rich Mix London.

Artists: Katarína Malíková (SK), Óperentzia (HU), Bratři (CZ), Hatti Vatti (PL)