Banjo punk and turbo chanson.

After the third song, you will find out that you loved them all your life. Poletíme? flies safely and surely to the imaginary peak of the Czech music scene. There is such interest in them that their concerts are crowded all over the country, including the regularly sold-out Brno Fléda and the Prague Lucerna Music Bar. Last year, they held the largest solo open-air concert in Prague, with 1,500 fans.
The bandleader, singer, lyricist and fundamental personality of the band is the charismatic artist Rudolf Brančovský. The artist's untrained voice stands on the stage as confident as the old captain of an ancient sailing ship, determined to circumnavigate the world. His crew then consists of seven sea wolves, who knows exactly what to do to make a crazy cruise good. Despite the fact that the ships are sailing on the water, the crew does not give up hope that one day they will fly with this sailboat!


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