Marta Kloučková

Marta Kloučková is a Prague based multi-genre singer and songwriter, finalist of the international competition for jazz singers Voicingers 2017, semifinalist of Riga Jazz Stage 2018 and leader of Marta Kloučková Quartet, where she cooperates with top musicians of the Czech jazz scene (Vít Křišťan – p, Jan Fečo – b, Marek Urbánek – ds). With this quartet Marta recorded debut album Loving Season, released in November 2018 by Hevhetia label, which contains original compositions featured by guitarist David Dorůžka and Clarinet Factory. She performed with her quartet and guests in 2019 at domestic jazz and multi-genre festivals (e.g. Polička Jazz Fest, IMF Dobršská Brána, Jazz in the City Frýdek-Místek, Jazz Festival Přerov) and abroad (e.g. Sunset-Sunside, Paris) .Other than that, Marta is a member of vocal sextet Skety and cooperates with bands and musicians of the Czech music scene (Concept Art Orchestra, Barbora Poláková, …). She performs on the Czech club scene as well as at international festivals (Slovakia, Turkey, Germany, Great Britain, Hungary, Bulgaria, Taiwan, Australia). Since 2019 you can hear her voice at Czech Radio Vltava broadcasts (Úhel poslechu, Jazz and World Live).

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