SoundCzech proudly presents Czech artists at Eurosonic Noordeslag 2018

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Come and meet the Czech professionals and artists at CEEntral party Eurosonic Noordeslag 2018 on Friday 19th January from 18:00-20:00 Komoost Cafe  or check the shows of HRTL, Never Sol and Zagami Jericho.

HRTL (synthwave / house)

Top performer on modular synthesizers and an active member of famous Bastl Instruments collective.

Fri 19.1. 23:45 Simplon Main Room

Contact: Michal Janík

Leoš Hort alias HRTL is a top performer on modular synthesizers. His music evolved from post-witch house towards repetitive rhythms with rich melodic elements, changing atmospheres and playful structures. Be it dirty house with an 80s feel, fluorescent techno or dark, bubbly beats, HRTL never plays the same thing twice. Hort won the Czech national Academy of popular music Award for best electronic album of 2015 and performed at European dance festivals like Ars Electronica in Linz and Amsterdam Dance Event.


Never Sol (synth/darkpop)

Melancholic synth darkpop

Thu 18.1. 22:10 Vrijdag Basement

Fri 19.1. 21:25 News Cafe

Contact: Marie Neumannová

Never Sol is an intriguing Czech artist immersed in synth and dark-pop. At times, her songs veer into David Lynch territory: full-bodied, thick and eerie. Other times, spare and open - just her voice, and a few carefully placed instrumental flourishes. She is an alumna of the Jazz Academy in Prague, and her debut album Under Quiet (2013) resulted from her two-year collaboration with Jan P. Muchow (of electronic shoegaze band Ecstasy of Saint Theresa) and was re-released worldwide by Denovali Records in 2014. Never Sol also performs with Tomáš Dvorák's electro-acoustic project Floex and composes music for contemporary dance performances.


Zagami Jericho (electronic/dance)

Edgy and catchy. Winner of Czeching 2017, music export project of Radio Wave.

Fri 19.1. 21:30 Huize Maas Front

Fri 19.1. after 23:00 Komoost Cafe

Contact: Anežka Nováková

Rising Czech star Zagami Jericho already has a distinctive sound at the tender age of 18, with her production, vocal skills and edgy hit potential making a strong impression. Her music is described as retro futuristic with synth-wave, ambient and drum and bass influences, and her performances as overwhelming and fearless. Zagami was nominated as a top newcomer at the Vinyla Music Awards and recently selected as the most promising Czech act from music export project Czeching by Radio Wave.


Czech professionals at Eurosonic 2018:

Ondřej Bambas Český rozhlas media

Marie Butula Fleda Club venue

David Čajčík ROXY venue

Sabina Coufalová Fleda Club venue

Vojtěch Dohnal Lake Malawi band manager

Michal Janík Bumbum Satori agency

Anthony Jouet Fource Entertainment promoter

Jan Jelínek Nerudny Fest festival

Márton Náray SoundCzech export office

Michaela Klocová Český rozhlas media

Kristýna Koreis Fource Entertainment promoter

Kateřina Končelíková United Islands of Prague festival

Filip Košťálek Colours of Ostrava festival

Oliver McGillick Metronome Festival festival

Radek Motlík Cafe V lese venue

Marie Neumannová Never Sol agent

David Nguyen Rock for People festival

Anežka Nováková Zagami Jericho band manager

Vojtěch Otevřel GoOut ticketing

Michal Pařízek Full Moon media

Milan Paul Rock for People festival

Hana Podhorská Indies Scope agency

Tomáš Pokorný Metronome Festival festival

Jiří Sedlák Colours of Ostrava festival

Michael Šimon Colours of Ostrava festival

Jakub Siňor Mighty Sounds festival

Lukáš Stara Fleda Club venue

Markéta Štěchová Mighty Sounds festival

Přemysl Štěpánek PR Stage agency

Daniel Šubrt Megahit Music promoter

Barbora Šubrtová United Islands of Prague festival

Michael Tardík Everything Goes Booking promoter

Michal Thomes Rock for People festival

David Urban D Smack U Promotion promoter

Sára Vondrášková Never Sol artist

Jakub Zeman Český rozhlas media