Meet us at A2IM Indie Week

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SoundCzech amplifies at A2IM’s Indie Week with unmissable showcase/reception & expert panel 


Czech Music Office SoundCzech is set to make noise at this year’s Indie Week produced by the American Association of Independent Music otherwise known as A2IM. The Czech Republic is bringing an extensive and dynamic activation to the U.S Market. The initiative aims to spotlight Czech culture and musical talent, forge strategic partnerships, facilitate new business ventures and cultivate international relationships that will propel artists and businesses on to the global stage.


We are thrilled to focus on US during 2024. As a third stop after SXSW, and Musexpo, we cannot wait to meet more of the NYC music professionals. We are happy to showcase the many aspects why Czech Republic would be a perfect starting point in Europe. The country`s strong music history, lively music scene, world class music recording, and production, strategic location… and many more reasons, why we believe it could be a real eye opener for the delegates of A2IM IndieWeek to take part at our programs. We are lucky enough to be accompanied with some of the best artists to also introduce current Czech music scene.” – Marton Naray, Head of SoundCzech


By partnering with A2IM, SoundCzech offers a unique lens into the burgeoning future of the Czech music market, showcasing a blend of artistic innovation and business prowess that is set to captivate the independent music community.


“We are thrilled to welcome the Czech Delegation to A2IM Indie Week, highlighting the global reach and collaborative spirit of independent music. Their participation includes a compelling panel discussion and a showcase of incredible Czech talent. Our partnership strengthens ties with the Czech music community and provides a unique opportunity for cultural exchange and mutual growth; truly embodying the essence of Indie Week—celebrating creativity, innovation, and the spirit of independence in music.” – Dr. Richard James Burgess, President and CEO of A2IM


The activation kicks off with a Showcase and Reception at Flux Studios in the E.Village on Wednesday, June 12th from 8pm-11pm. Guests will be greeted with a celebratory champagne toast and an introductory speech, followed by four captivating performances.


The evening kicks off with a DJ and live set by Petrofski and Matej Burda. Matej is a dark pop singer/composer and DJ and Petrofski is a singer & music producer who combines the ideals of 80s retro, seductive dance tempos and contemporary pop in his work. The futuristic-nostalgic sound, saturated with pulsating synths, is complemented by distinctive Czech lyrics and emotional, sometimes even brutalistic vocals.


Next up is Synth Queen Never Sol, a musician, composer and synthesist who deconstructs traditional sound forms. Her music inspired by rough noisy sharp sounds with dark harsh drone elements, explores the delicate balance between fragility and massiveness. She manipulates time as a crucial element, creating immersive soundscapes that evoke profound emotional responses.

The finale features Aiko, an artist renowned for her unique cultural fusion and thematic depth. Aiko delves into themes of love, solitude, and self-discovery through her music. Having recently placed 11th in the Eurovision Song Contest, her latest album, Fortunes Child.has garnered critical acclaim. Notably, she became the first Czech artist featured on a Times Square Billboard for the Global Spotify Equal Campaign.


The Reception generously sponsored by Czech Beer, and Summer Water Rosé promises to be a celebration of cultural and musical diplomacy and exchange.


Panel about the Eastern European music scene


Following the showcase/reception, a comprehensive panel will take place, aimed at educating the music industry about the growth and potential of the Czech market and other emerging markets. The panel will be held at the Intercontinental NYC Times Square in Gotham I at Noon on Thursday, June 13th.


Panel Title: Benefit from Growing importance of European Emerging Markets- Discover Czech: From Badalamenti to Suede- Czechia provides outstanding professional music services to the worlds biggest names.


Esteemed panelists include Radek Vašíček (distribution, marketing, sales consultant, founder at Musicraft), Petr Ostrouchov (founder of music label Animal Music, Sono Records and producer/composer), Petr Říčánek (head of digital at music label Supraphon), Kryštof Kodl (production, management at Prague venue Doupě, Metronom Festival), & Barbora Sikorová (venue Kabinet Múz and music label Indies Scope).