World-renowned horn player Radek Baborak to join SoundCzech

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We are stoked to announce that world-renowned horn player and conductor Radek Baborak to join SoundCzech team. Thank to him SoundCzech is about to focus on the classical music more than before as he will work towards the acknowledgement of independent Classical music sector.

The horn player and conductor Radek Baborák is one of the most outstanding figures on the classical music scene. Since the beginning of his solo career over 30 years ago, his extraordinary musical performances have enthralled audiences in the most important cultural venues around the world. 

"These covid times revealed a number of topics that call for a solution within the independent classical music scene," says Radek. "I would like to provide support, enable communication with art-political institutions and strengthen mutual cooperation. I hope that SoundCzech will become a place worth turning to for the classical music scene," he explains.

You can reach Radek via mail