Measures Related to COVID-19

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Due to the spread of coronavirus infection (COVID-19), all planned actions of Czech music professionals outside the Czech Republic during March and April 2020 were cancelled for safety reasons.

The decision affects both SoundCzech's team and the other professionals supported by SoundCzech calls for support (except for calls that are not happening abroad). At the moment there are six events in total affected, namely Mastering Music Business in Romania, Mil Lisbon in Portugal, Sharpe in Slovakia, Jazzahead! in Germany, C/O Pop in Germany, Tallinn Music Week in Estonia.
Czech music export office SoundCzech is in contact with organizers of festivals and other events and supports both postponements to a later date and solidarity of public with organizers of cultural events in general.
The storm will be over. Statement of SoundCzech formulated by its director Márton Náray:

„Dear fellows under the COVID-19 lockdown. We are aware of how dire the situation is, and the forthcoming unimaginable – partly long term – effects that will occur once the curtain will be lifted. In the meantime, we are positive that the cultural sector will recover stronger than before, and until that time we keep on trying to help to make these hard times easier.

At this moment we are closely monitoring the situations, and trying to gather as many information as possible, on what are the exact damages the lockdown causes, and what could be the way to effectively ease the negative effects of all this. We are also collecting data from all partners, institutions, associations.”
Arts and Theatre Institute (Institut umění – Divadelní ústav) did an analysis of the situation on the Czech independent sector. The conclusions of the questionnaire survey can be seen on this website. ATI submitted the outcome of the survey to the Ministry of Culture.