Sonority Is the operational alias for an electronic music producer and Live & DJ performer Jan Hanak. Sonority's music is offering a mixture of different musical styles ranging from techno, house and IDM to experimental electronic music. The common denominator of his recordings and live performances is rich sound fusing dreamy melodies, noise, ecstacy, energy and rawness.

Sonority’s own tunes and remixes have been released on a variety of labels (TRAUM Schallplatten, Distinctive Rec, Liquid Rec, Deepwave, System Rec, VIM, Rune) and he often perfoms at well-known Czech festivals (Colours of Ostrava, Let It Roll, SoundFeer) as well as at international ones like Wilsonic, Electronic Beats and Springfestival.
In 2016 well received Debut Album Raw was released on London based Distinctive Records.


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