Leoš Hort alias HRTL is a top performer on modular synthesizers, a founder of Brno-based cassette record label Bükko Tapes and an active member of famous Bastl Instruments collective, which creates hand-made open-source music hardware.

HRTL’s music evolved from post-witch-house towards repetitive rhythms with rich melodic and sound elements, changing atmosphere and playful structures. Be it dirty house with 80’s feeling, fluorescent techno or dark, bubbly beats, HRTL never plays the same thing twice. Because as well as his live performances, his recordings are improvised and built 100% on hardware synthesizers. In 2014, HRTL released a debut cassette Hydroxid and year later followed with his album Dataloss, which was awarded as best electronic music record of 2015 by Czech Academy Of Popular Music.