Horrible Creatures

Thrash/death metal quartet from Czech Republic, Karlsbad, started their journey as a small project of guitarist Vladis and drummer Jirgen. After a while they fo...und the singer Frank and bass guitarist Hans and could start to compose music as a full-time band. The first step was to record their first EP called "Depressive Hunt", with which the band hit the stages, after being closed for almost five years in the rehearsal room. With the EP and more unrecorded songs, Horrible Creatures appeared on many shows in Czech Republic, but also in Germany. The word about their aggressive and energetic shows was quickly spread and the band started to grow their fanbase quickly. Followed by more and more invitations on open-air festivals and club shows, everything led to the recording of their debut full-length album "Pitfall" which was after first year sold out by 700 pieces and voted as the tenth best album in Czech Republic and Slovakia. Also Horrible Creatures won the people's choice award during the Spark Fresh Blood competition last year.

So far the band shared stages with bands like Soulfly, Nervosa, Deadlock, Lich King, Ultra-Violence, Malignant Tumour, toured with Hentai Corporation and more. Also was invited and played on Rock For People, Metalgate Czech Death Fest, FajtFest, Rock of Sadská, Povaleč, Siekiera Festival and more festivals. The foreign countries hosted their performance for several times as well, for example Slovakia, Hungary, Germany, Poland and others. At the end of 2019 the band decided to record their EP Internal Decline in Denmark with well-known producer Tue Madsen. The year after in April was the EP released via digital stream platforms. With the success with their latest EP came also change in the line-up following the replacement of Hans and Jirgen. The band now consists of Frank (Vocals), Vladis (Guitar), Ganzy (Bass) and Haty (Drums).


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