Caravana Banda

CARAVANA BANDA IS A BLASTING MIX OF SPANISH, BALKAN and GYPSY JAZZ MUSIC, where melodies sung in 12 different languages intermingle in a fascinating musical journey.

You could say it’s a show, not a concert, because the band consciously uses theatrical procedures and makes their concerts a real spectacle. Czech Brass Band and Magda Navarrete’s voice and flamenco dance. BUM!

The band was founded by Tomas Prus – one of the vocalists of the cult Czech band Vltava and Magda Navarrete – a well-known singer and flamenco dancer in Poland and South America. For over five years the band has been conquering audiences in the Czech Republic, Slovakia, Germany and Poland, Finland and Spain.

Caravana Banda has already played at many international festivals and been part of interesting events in Poland and abroad. In 2018 they released the album “Mezihra”, on which the original ideas of Tomas Prusa and Magda Navarrete and traditional melodies from different parts of Europe are beautifully combined. You can permanently see and hear them on the stage of the Syrena Theatre in Warsaw where they stage their “caravana” show.