Links OUT: PIN Conference (25. – 27. 11. Skopje)



Název: PIN Conference

Termín a místo: 25. – 27. 11. 2021, Skopje (Severní Makedonie)

Finanční podpora: 5 000,- Kč

Kdo se hlásí: hudební profesionálové (manažer, promotér, novinář, booking agent, …)

Limit: až 10 podpořených profesionálů

Uzávěrka: 14. 11. 2021

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"PIN is the first and only international music conference and showcase festival in Macedonia. Since its first edition in 2012 the conference is organized by the Association of culture and arts “TAKSIRAT” and as a part of the renowned Taksirat Festival  – member of Yourope and ETEP. Inspired by the community-building aspects of such events, PIN is a standing out project of “Taksirat” in which we fully and solely invest our capacities and connections in the industry all around Europe. Our goal is to enrich the local music sector by bringing the diversity of best practices, up-to-date knowledge and people who will be part of this development in Macedonia and the Balkan region."

Kontaktní osoba: Michaela Beránková,, 732 275 431