Early bird vstupenky na MENT 2023 už jen do středy!

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Už jen dva dny jsou k dispozici nejlevnější vstupenky na slovinskou konferenci MENT, která se v příštím roce odehraje na konci března. Konference se odehraje už podeváté. 

"The 9th edition of the festival of musical discoveries will take place at more than 15 concert and conference venues around Ljubljana. Focusing on new, stylistically diverse acts, MENT Ljubljana showcases up-and-coming and established artists from all over Europe. The MENT conference is also an indispensable part of the festival, attracting hundreds of professionals from all over the world who visit Ljubljana to enjoy the wide-ranging music programme, make new acquaintances, meet professionals from the Balkan region, strengthen their networks and get the latest updates on trends in the music industry."