Vycestujte do Mexika propojit evropskou a tamní elektronickou scénu

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EMX, projekt financovaný Evropskou komisí, hledá až 15 hudebních profesionálů do otevřené výzvy Mexican Trade Mission. Ta má za cíl propojit a společně rozvíjet mexickou a evropskou elektronickou scénu. 

EMX uvádí, "this trade mission will bring together the best creative minds and visionaries in the Mexican and European electronic scenes. Over the seven-day trade mission to Mexico City, the participants will have the opportunity to really spend time with local music industry professionals to think and experiment with what the future of a sustainable European/Mexican collaboration could look like."

"For this programme, the EMX is looking for 15 European music professionals, working in the electronic music genres, including all sub-genres, from Electronica to Techno, House to Ambient and anything in between to participate in the Mexican trade mission, a hands-on, week-long physical trade mission to Mexico City from May 23 - 29, 2022, with an online Mission preparation day announced later." 

Kam: Mexico City

Kdy: 23. – 29. 5. 2022

Podpora: 1360 euro na cestu a ubytování v Mexico City

Deadline přihlášek: 20. 2. 2022

Další informace: www.europeanmusic.eu/trade-mission/