Září ve znamení Reeperbahn festivalu a Waves Vienna 2018

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Reeperbahn festival 2018

20.9. 16:30 CEEntral Party reception together (invite only)
20.9. 20:30 Please The Trees at CEEntral Party, headCRASH bar (Hamburger Berg 13, 20359 Hamburg, Germany) 
21.9. 22:30 Lazer Viking, DYKNOW Booker Bar Showcase
(POOCA BAR, Hamburger Berg 12, Hamburg)

Waves Vienna 2018

One of the very first projects of SoundCzech ( Czech Music Office) was co-organizing last year’s successful Czech focus during Waves Vienna. Now, a year later we are eager to continue that friendly, and effective collaboration by hoping it will also start a yearly tradition where you dear delegates can get connected to Czech professionals, receive informations about the most actual artists and can enjoy a beer together.

15:45 (is) SoundCzech Time reception, Galerie Werkstatt Nuu 

Czech artists at Waves Vienna:
Lazer Viking, 27.09.2018, WUK Beisl, 21:45 - 22:30
Thom Artway, 27.09.2018, Deezer Next Stage, 23:45 - 00:30
teepee, 28.09.2018, Projektraum, 20:00 - 20:45