Thursday 5/10

On the first day of the conference we will have the traditional reception and meeting of MMF CR members at Fléda. Most of the day is therefore for MMF CR members and delegates only. The evening show of Bert & Friends is open to public.


Main Hall

16:00 – Panel on research (CZ)
How effectively is music export measured? A discussion on new research that measures where Czech music and domestic artists currently stand in the world, and how data collection and music promotion can work together. 

19:00 – Fléda venue open to the public

20:00 – Bert and Friends (show for general public) 


The Lobby

15:00 – Round table with HUFA JAMU students (CZ)
What's on your mind, manager? What challenges do music managers face in their work? How do you set up your workflow to make your job easier? How does booking work in pop and how does it work in classical? These and other questions will be answered in a discussion between industry professionals and students of the Department of Music Production at JAMU Faculty of Music.

17:00 – MMF CR meeting (CZ)

18:00 – official reception