16. 9. CEEntral Party Program

Thursday will focus on the restart of the music sector and a sustainable music ecosystem, will present a keynote with music agents from the Eastern European scene. The workshops will focus on digital distribution, copyright and the DIY music scene. The conference itself will be in the Kabinet múz, workshops in Jedna báseň.



10:00 – Launch


11:00 – Keynote panel: National Renewal Plan - Internationalization of Czech Music (CZ)

The forthcoming National Recovery Plan also includes the cultural area. What tools could help the music scene get in shape again?

Jakub Nový – ČOH, Eva Žáková – IDUJiří Pilip – MK, Hanka Podhorská – MMF CR, Moderator: Monika Klementová – SoundCzech


12:30 – Way out of the swamp – future of independent music scene (EN)

How to build a sustainable music ecosystem? What are the inevitable changes ahead starting with green initiations, even share of income and the appreciation of creative efforts.

Oskar Strajn (SL/NL) – ESNS, Tim Joppien (DE)  Berlin Music Commission, Ivan Milivojev (SRB) – AAA Production, Tatiana Lehocká (SK)  Real Something, SHARPE, Vedran Meniga (CR)  Pozitivan Ritam, Moderátor: Márton Náray  SoundCzech


14:30 – Keynote interview: All around the Watchtower (EN)

Keynote interview with Natasha Padabed and Dijana Lakuš.

Natasha Padabed – More Zvukov Agency, SKIF, Moderator: Dijana Lakuš – PAF & Glastonbury


15:30 – Vision 4 Da regiON (EN)

How to empower the music ecosystem from Estonia to Greece. HEMI is a program of 10 European countries. Czech Republic is involved via the Czech music office SoundCzech. 

Georges Perot – Athens Music Week, Anca Lupes – Mastering The Music Business, Tomek Bysiewicz – Tak Brzmi Miasto, Zsolt Jeges – HAIL


17:00 – Reception




11:00 – Digital distribution (CZ)

Tips and tricks on how to deal with digital distribution of music. The workshop will be led by a former Spotify representative for Eastern Europe.

Radek Vašíček – Grand Vizier, Musicraft, ex-Spotify


12:30 – The pitfalls of copyright (CZ)

How to orientate oneself in copyright, what are the problematic parts and on the contrary, in what way it can help a musical artist.

Adam Dvořák – Intergram, Jakub Nový – SAI, ČOH, Roman Strejček – OSA


14:00 – Labels around the beer tap. Next generation of record labels (EN)

How can we describe the role of a label in 2021? How has their situation changed in the last 2 decades? Predictions, discussions, facts and opinions. Have a beer with professionals. Presented by Competence Center powered by HAIL.

Zsolt Jeges – HAIL, Csaba Naasz – HAIL, Přemek Štěpánek – Indies Scope


15:15 – DI-whY not? Kabinet Records label story (CZ)

An insight into Kabinet Records, a small independent label unit from Brno, that follows the principles of DIY ethics.

Jiří Pospíšil – Kabinet Records, Moderator: Radek Pavlovič – SoundCzech


16:30 – (:-Enlarge – EEnlarge-:) (EN)

Workshop exclusively for club representatives on how to improve club running.

Lectors: Tamás Szép (HU) – Nappali, Pécs, Nik Drozg (SL) – Channel Zero, Ljubljana, Laura Ferrero (RS) – Kvaka 22, Belgrád, Horváth Tamás (RO) – Zentropia (+ Malomfesztivál), Senta, Eszter Décsy (HU) – ENlarge Europe project

Partners of the workshop: EEnlarge Europe, SIGIČ



20:20  21:00 Cotatcha Orchestra

21:30  22:20 Lenka Dusilová feat. Květy

22:55  23:40 Chief Bromden