Call for artists of improvised and creative music

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European artists and musicians from improvised and creative music : here is a call for you ! You have until April 15th to apply to participe in 2024-2025 to the 3 first residencies of Access, our Creative Europe supported project aiming for more opened musical experiences for the audience.

This call is directed to European artists with a close relation with music and sound, with a focus on experimentation, innovation, improvisation, cooperative creation and audience engagement.

3 groups of 7 artists will be selected to participate to 3 residencies that will take place in :

#1: Prague (CZ) | 23 to 29 September 2024 | Coordinated by Unijazz

#2: Lille (FR) | 7 to 13 October 2024 | Coordinated by Collectif Muzzix

#3: Porto (CZ) | 12 to 18 May 2025 | Coordinated by Sonoscopia Associacão

They will work collectively under several work strategies, from open and graphic scores, soundscape composition, sonic ecology or collective improvisation to create, record and present publicly the output of their work.

Disciplines : experimental music, sound art, dance, visual arts…

Deadline to apply : April 15th

More information about the call and Access HERE