Fotbal and Marie Pravda! More Czech artists at MENT 2024!

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MENT is announcing 25 new artists & the Moonlee Stage – the independent record label celebrating 20 years. Top 2 Czech acts are among those announcements: Fotbal and Marie Pravda.

FOTBAL – a piercing dream pop commando and Budweiss / Brno based group that started on the debris of cinematic weird rock outfit Kidney Trauma, here joined by dummer extraordinaire Jakub Šimanský and Vencák, the mighty wine lover and bass player of seminal krau rock outlanders Sýček. 

MARIE PRAVDA – As a relatively new face on Czech scene, Marie Pravda quickly became one of its most acclaimed talents. Her involvement with the night life began behind the bar of Metro club in Olomouc, but as she grew weary of the bar’s routine, she relocated to the DJ booth in 2016 and then discovered her passion for seeking new music. After moving to Prague she quickly became an omnipresent figure on the local scene. In 2020 she joined the Planeta Za artist collective and kicked off her Planeta Pravda club series the year after. Marie is also a member of Gravity Network artist collective. Her original interest in indie music transformed into love for everything instrumental and psychedelic within EBM and slow electro, soon becoming an avid digger who follows threads of music others rarely stumble upon.