One Voice for European Music recommendations

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Last year, the Live DMA team visited Czech Republic who was at this time leading the Presidency of the Council of the EU, to follow-up on the One Voice for European Music initiative with SoundCzech, EEnlarge Europe, EMEE, Music Cities Network, CNM Eng.

Some recommendations are out, focusing on the functioning of small and medium-sized concert halls, key players for emerging artists & the status of artists.)


The functioning of small and medium-sized concert halls
Recommendation 1: A Recognition of live music venues as cultural operators across Europe.

Recommendation 2: A European audience development strategy

Recommendation 3: Reduce and harmonize VAT for cultural goods and services


Status of artists
Recommendation 1: A recognised, harmonised Pan-European definition of artists, and art related professions

Recommendation 2: recognised, harmonised, and credited research methodology, that EU Member States would agree to use as baseline information on the music sector

Recommendation 3: A recognised Pan-European research on the turnover of music ecosystem

Recommendation 4: Creation of a social support scheme for artists, and art professionals