Kristina Barta's concert at Jazzahead!

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On the 30 April at 10:10PM, Kristina Barta is performing a prerecorded video with her project Event Horizon playing original contemporary creative jazz, reflecting on Kristina's earlier classical music studies with an emphasis on melodies, modern rhythms and electronic elements. Do not miss her show!

WHEN: 30/04/2021 at 10:10 PM

WHERE: Jazzahead's showcase


Pianist & composer Kristina Barta debuted with her album EMA29 in 2017, where she presented a selection of her early compositions. The ensemble from the decut recording evolved into Event Horizon – adding saxophonist Nela Dusová to the tried-and-true rhythm section consisting of Fečo, Urbánek and Tomeček.

Her sophomore studio record Love and Passion reflects Kristina’s affinity for the contemporary New York jazz scene and strives to pass on this atmosphere to the listener. Compared to EMA29, which draws inspiration mostly from jazz tradition, Love and Passion incorporates a more ec- lectic mix of influences including modern jazz, elements of classical music and pop.