How to stay sane during crisis? Our workshop Sane-tizer might help

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The tragic level of mental health in music sector is a topic. What to do during pandemia? How to stay active, busy and sane at the same time? SoundCzech is doing a workshop that might help to answer some of your questions. Get ready on 12th of February 2021. 

Three guests are going to share their experience for the past year: Holger Jan Schmidt, one of Europe's main networkers on festivals and sustainability, booker and artist manager Lina Ugrinovska and psychologist Katja Ehrenberg

"During the darkest days, waiting for the spring to finally arrive, SoundCzech highlights the issues around mental health in the music industry. The one and half hour workshop will be splitted in two  45 minutes sessions. During the first session Katja Ehrenberg, Holger Schmidt, and  Lina Ugrinovska will introduce the book Stay Sound and Check Yourself and the circumstances leading to publishing it. The unique book is a collection testimonies and interviews with music professionals about the mental issues overshadowing the live music sector, and what might be the way out," says Márton Náray of SoundCzech. 

"The second – more interactive – part, will focus on practical things what musicians and professionals can do in order to stay fresh, mentally healthy and how not to be carried away. The workshop will be guided by professional psychologists (with links to music), who dealt with the music sector anxieties and are able to provide important insights," adds Márton.


When: 12. 2. 2021 at 4 PM via Zoom


Details: see our facebook page