Summary: The Czech music scene at Eurosonic 2021!

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Also this year, Czech music professionals and artists are coming to Eurosonic Noorderslag (ESNS). The biggest conference, which attracts thousands of delegates and even more visitors, takes place from 13th to 16th of January 2021! Due to obvious reasons, the event is completely online!

This is a summary of (not only) Czech-related activities on ESNS2021:


1) Czech delegates at ESNS

This year we have ensured accreditations for 39 delegates. You can find their list and contacts HERE.

2) Czech artists at ESNS

Czech musicians will bring their talents to ESNS once again. In 2021 Czech music is represented by live techno/electronica duo Bratři and singer/songwriter Tea Sofia.

BRATŘI (FB, youtube)  – 15. 1. 2021 | ESNS 01 | 22:40 – 22:55

Twins Jiří and Ondřej are both drummers with a love for electronic music, drum machines and modular synthesizers. Their music, influenced by techno and experimental electronics, has a diverse sound where melodic, beat-oriented songs are a striking blend of acoustic drums and electronic samples. Bratři are nominated for the Music Moves Europe Talent Awards 2021.


TEA SOFIA (FB, youtube) – 14. 1. 2021 | ESNS 03 | 21:40 – 21:55

Tea is an emerging singer and songwriter who stirred up the Czech pop scene back in 2018 with her hit single ‘Pretend’ and subsequently the ambitious EP Unwind. Tea Sofia is a winner of Czeching 2020 by Radio Wave.

3) Czech live session videos

Recently, we have produced live videos of bands: Lambda, Olaf Olafsonn & The Big Bad Trip, BraAgas, Plum Dumplings, Please The Trees, Badfocus. You can see live session videos HERE.

4) Czech music business database

If you are a foreign music professional, you might find useful our database. This list collects all relevant contacts from the Czech music area – from agents, festivals to venues and instrument makers. The content is updated on regular basis.

5) Czech genre guides

Jazz Guide Czech Republic

World Music Guide Czech Republic

Electronica Guide Czech Republic

Metal Guide Czech Republic

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