New Resistor Sound Session Series Present Czech Alternative Music

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Fair Price Music got together with Brno-based music club Kabinet Múz, Full Moon platform and the local creative people, and with a great support by “Státní fond kultury České republiky” (State Fund of Culture Czech Republic) is starting up new live session series, Resistor Sound Sessions. Sound of a resistor, resistor of sound, resistor as tension in music. The aim is to help Czech artists spread their music beyond their borders through the digital world. The first on board is a Czech post-rock band, Tomáš Palucha.

This understated Czech power-quartet’s effortless dynamic shifts and tight, taut arrangements illustrate that the less is more approach holds a hidden power — in space, silence, precision, timing. Kabinet’s main room's ambience fuelled a blast of world class post-rock as biting, poetic, and vital as the best in the genre, but without the bombast. Tomáš Palucha are finding their own niche in the dense post-rock landscape, and pulling it off in style.

Resistor Sound Sessions are filmed and recorded directly at the Brno based club, Kabinet Múz, which shines with a great environment and excellent sound quality. The session was recorded by local sound engineers Rhys Braddock and Vojta Hájek. Rhys has also taken over the mixing and mastering and was also the initiator and main audio producer of the previous series, FPM Live Sessions, originally produced by Fair Price Music. Video production was provided by Jonáš Svoboda and his crew (Mina Dostal, Martin Šťastný, Iva Tresová) and the overall production by Ivo Lorenc and Petra Braddock, who comments on the creation of this new project: “Brno is a mid-size town in Moravia, CR but also a great community of creative people and has an amazing club scene, Kabinet Múz in particular, as
it is open to a variety of genres, including alternative and underground music next to big global names. Their connection seemed so natural that we decided to create a project which could help Czech alternative music get a broader awareness both in the Czech Republic and abroad.”

The bands for this year’s series have been selected by people from Fair Price Music, Kabinet Múz and Full Moon Magazine. They include active artists from the Czech Republic with original music, great live performances and the urge to get beyond Czech borders. The first Resistor Sound Session introduces a band called Tomáš Palucha, which was also nominated for the Czech music award, Vinyla, which presents strong authors or innovative music artists, and to the Czech Music Critics Award, the Apollo. Resistor Sound Sessions will be presenting new acts digitally throughout the whole year.
The project, Resistor Sound Sessions was created with the support of the Státní fond kultury České
republiky (State Fund of Culture Czech Republic), Fair Price Music, Kabinet Múz and Smile Music.