The Drain

„Hard edged well crafted demented pop. Love it.“ This is how Greg Gordon characterized The Drain when he first heard the band and decided to produce their record Bangolia (2016). Recently the band has released a new EP called FUN FUN FUN FUNERAL (Dayspeed Records, 2018), also in cooperation with Greg Gordon.

The Drain combine elements of the 60’s garage and blues, 70’s glam rock and contemporary hard/stoner rock with the best aspects of power pop, while they still adhere to the old fashioned rock’n’roll lifestyle. Their live shows don’t lack the essential sense of noise, experiment and the atmosphere of old school punk parties. Where there is not enough sex, narcissism and razorblades in today rock’n’roll, The Drain are coming.

The Drain have played over 200 shows in European countries (Czech Republic, Slovakia, Austria, Germany, Italy, Slovenia, Hungary, Ukraine, Poland), performed at renowned festivals such as Rock For People (CZ), Grape (SK), United Islands of Prague (CZ), Mighty Sounds (CZ), Zagata Festival (UA) and Nouvelle Prague showcase festival.



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