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Mirko Burazer – We Move Music Croatia 

Mirko is the owner of the Basic & Rough label and an expert in (digital) media. He has been active "in business" since 2011. Started as drummer and booking agent he has worked in various production and performance sectors (stage, backstage, tech, organization) of various music (and non-music) events and festivals in Croatia (Hoomstock, Super Uho, Voi'sa festival, Tabor Film Festival). Recently, he has been actively involved in positioning Croatian music talents globally through Croatian Music Export Office – We Move Music Croatia. 


Juraj Cocher – Gentle Groove Production

After graduating high school in Bratislava, he established Theatrock Agency, focused on booking, organizing musical events, concerts, and festivals. In 2005, together with his business partner Miloš Orišek, they established a production company – Gentle Groove Production – specialised in the fields of music management, booking of local and international artists, event production, promotion and social marketing of music events. In 2018, with another business partner Matej Šálek, they established promotion company Dobrý výber. He has a lot of experience in concert promoting, artist management and booking as an agent. Juraj is also the manager of the ska supergroup Polemic for the last 20 years.


Eszter Décsy – EEnlarge Europe

Eszter started her career as a music journalist by founding NOWmagazin in 2012, focusing on the Hungarian grassroot scene. Corner Art Management (ex-NOW Books & Music) was originally a side-project launched in 2015 – a book publisher, music management and label – that later became her main occupation. Under this label, she is an artist manager, working with amazing artists, such as iamyank and Woodstock Barbie. As a freelancer, she is the communication and project manager of the HAIL - Hungarian Association of Indie Labels as well as the Music Hungary Association. In 2019 she established the idea of EEnlarge Europe, a coop and knowledge sharing project tailored for the region's grassroot music venues, launched in 2020 and co-funded by the European Union.


Laura Ferrero – F/RS- Kvaka 22 Belgrade  

International artistic project manager and Label owner. Laura is currently working with the live music venue Kvaka 22 based in Belgrade, Serbia. Her role is to coordinate and manage the international artistic projects. She is currently involved in two international collaboration projects for small-scaled music venues :  EEnlarge Europe (9 venues from 4 Eastern Europe countries) and Venues from the Future (7 experimental venues across different countries in Europe). She also co-founded the record label Krava 22 to help emerging artists (mainly rock/punk/art-rock/dark wave…) from the Balkan getting published and to support artists touring in the Balkan region. She is involved in the urban art and skate festival Summit of the Non-Aligned as a grant coordinator and fundraiser. She previously had experiences in the performing arts sector with NGOs and cultural institutions in France, Cuba, and Colombia. 


Lena Ingwersen – network coordinator at Music Cities Network

Being rooted in Hamburg’s culture & music scene for more than ten years and after finishing her M.A. in Cultural & Media Management, Lena Ingwersen now works as leading Project Manager for the Music Cities Network, as well as Cultural & Artist Manager and DJ. Over the years, she expanded her knowledge and experiences in the cultural, music and creative sectors in Germany and internationally extending from sub-, pop- to high culture. Since 2016, Lena is the project manager for the Music Cities Network, a global network dedicated to improving communication and cooperation between music cities. 

She is co-founder of the transdisciplinary festival concept HALLO/Schaltzentrale, an artistic format for spatial development. Moreover, she is working as DJ under the artist name Lej as well as hosting Female* DJ Workshops. As Project Manager she was and is working for Festivals, Artists, Music Business Associations and Educational entities, like Dockville, RockCity, Deichkind, Körber-Foundation and Hamburg Music and she is a frequent host and speaker on international music conferences. Lena is based in in Hamburg, but working transnationally.


Greg Stabeusz – Private Town Management

A law department university graduate, Greg has over 30 years experience in the music business, where he started work just after the political transformation in 1989. Initially he was responsible for introducing the international catalogues of Sony Music and PolyGram (currently Universal) on the Polish market, at the same time working directly with such artists as Bryan Adams, Metallica, Sting, The Cure and many others during their visits to Poland. He was also the first to pick up bands like Rammstein and Apocalyptica before the rest of the world. He then founded his own management company bringing to success a wide range of Polish artists. After a brief break, when he set up and developed a children’s book publishing company, he came back to the music business in 2016, focusing on the development of export ready artists from Poland.