Fira Mediterrània Manresa - open call

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Fira Mediterrània Manresa has an interdisciplinary programme, consisting of visual arts, circus, dance, exhibitions, music, storytelling and theatre. Arts projects can be submitted under two main themes:

  • Traditional Culture: based on elements that include the transfer of heritage, the crossover between contemporary creation and traditional regional culture, participation and the increase of the social foundations of culture.

Suitable projects: visual performing arts, circus, dance, exhibitions, music, storytelling, theatre, community and/or participatory shows, family shows, among others.

  • World Music and folk, traditional or contemporary music that is connected to its local region, with special emphasis on the Mediterranean. 

Performances may be small, medium or large-scale format and aimed at adult and/or family audiences.

Valuation criteria

  • Artistic quality and interest.
  • Proposals must fit with the Fira programme themes.
  • Completely new productions, never staged before either in Catalonia or in Spain.
  • Potential success of the proposal.
  • Professional approach and interest shown in Fira as a place for meetings, dialogue and exchange.
  • Performances for more than one session reaching a larger professional audience.

Proposal submission period

The deadline for submitting proposals is 5 March 2018, at 3.00 pm.

There will be an ongoing assessment of proposals received from the start of the submission period.

Important: presenting a proposal implies acceptance of these rules.

Submitting your proposal

Artistic proposals can only be submitted online by completing the form at the end of this artistic participation regulation, once the rules for participation have been accepted. Please send one form for each artistic proposal you want to submit. Prior to doing this, you will need to create a user account if you have not already done so.

Once you have submitted the proposal, you will receive a confirmation email with an attached document containing information on the submitted show. IF YOU DO NOT RECEIVE A CONFIRMATION EMAIL, PLEASE NOTE THAT THE PROPOSAL WILL NOT HAVE BEEN SUBMITTED.

For any further queries, please contact

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